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Donald Trump won’t try to fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, a White House adviser said. But a few days ago, such an unprecedented step was very much on the White House agenda. The president regularly attacks Powell (which is also unprecedented) as the Fed raises rates, moves which Trump has blamed for market turmoil. 

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After a Christmas Eve massacre, investors jumped back in Wednesday, sending U.S. equity indexes skyward. The Dow alone climbed more than 1,000 points. But the joy may be short-lived: Next year is when the trade war chickens will finally come home to roost.

In Asia, 2018 has been the year from hell. About $5.6 trillion of equity value has been obliterated. 

Criticized for skipping ceremonies honoring veterans and pulling troops out of Syria, and on the same day a New York Times investigation raised questions about his Vietnam War draft deferment, Trump decided to visit troops overseas for the first time during his presidency.

Government shutdown? Market nosedive? White House tweets? Nothing got between the American consumer and the cash register this holiday season, as Amazon reported record-breaking numbers.

Russia threw its support behind Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman amid questions about Saudi succession. Salman has been tied by the U.S. Congress (and reportedly the CIA) to the brutal murder of U.S. resident and Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi. 

The famous “bloody” Impossible Burger is now available at restaurants in all 50 states. But that very appearance of bloodiness may have presented another regulatory hurdle for the company’s effort to get the vegetarian product into supermarkets. And the FDA is under fire, too.

Traveling with someone means your life is not your own. Bloomberg’s Travel Genius has tips on traveling by yourself: How to do it safely, how to eat alone without being embarrassed, and one place to avoid while solo.

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Bloomberg Businessweek explains how Breitling, the venerable Swiss maker of aviator timepieces, is targeting a new generation. It may help that their new ads are fronted by Charlize Theron and Adam Driver. Oh, and that guy from Fight Club, too.

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