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Market statisticians have been trying to accurately describe the pain being felt across various asset classes. Whether it’s stocks, bonds or commodities, as far as making money is concerned, things haven’t been this bad since Richard Nixon was president

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memorandum in the prosecution of Michael Flynn should worry President Donald Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, Timothy O’Brien writes for Bloomberg Opinion.

After markets took a beating Tuesday thanks to mixed signals from the White House, China provided some detail on the status of the U.S. trade war and what exactly happened at the G20.

Father Christmas may have some coal for Theresa May. Parliament dealt the U.K. prime minister three Brexit defeats yesterday, with the possibility of bigger losses to come. Now she’s desperately trying to salvage a deal.

Confused about all this Brexit drama? Late to the play? You can still come into the theater for the final act. We have your plot synopsis here.

Facebook wielded user data like a bargaining chip, doling out access to partners when it might boost traffic and imposing strict limits when it saw a competitive threat, emails show.

As Persian Gulf countries grow and attitudes toward Israel soften, a fledgling Jewish community in Dubai has founded its first synagogue, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Keeping yourself insured on the road can be a minefield. On this episode of Travel Genius, we break down the basics of travel insurance and flag a potential law that could simplify this problem.

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Data centers emit the same amount of greenhouse gas as aircraft, the United Nations said. Unsurprisingly, climate change activists have been pushing digital service providers to cut electricity use. Bloomberg Markets reports on one such facility in Portugal that uses mountain air to stay cool.

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