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Decades of denial by the forces of fossil fuel are coming to an end, refuted by the unprecedented heat, drought and wildfires visited upon the planet in recent years. Less certain has been the nexus between global warming and the increasingly powerful cyclones that have been wreaking mass havoc on both sides of the globe. That is, until now.  

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Remember Steve Cohen? The hedge fund manager whose now-defunct firm SAC Capital was famously run to ground by the U.S. government for securities fraud? Well even he says a bear market is coming in 2020.

The collapse of oil prices is sending shock waves across global markets, with energy stocks dragging everything else down with them.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May declared victory in her pursuit of a Brexit deal, but her triumph may ring a bit hollow.

After the European Union slammed Romania for democratic backsliding, a top legislator for the Balkan nation gave it the finger.  

Trade war irony, courtesy of the CEO of shipping giant Maersk: Chinese exports to the U.S. actually grew by as much as 10 percent last quarter while U.S. exports to China fell by up to 30 percent

California’s biggest utility lost half of its value over the possibility that it's responsible for one of the catastrophic wildfires ravaging the state.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The massive U.S. budget deficit has a silver lining, the Bloomberg news director opines. Since most of it is tied to steady government outlays such as healthcare, that means the economy is less susceptible to violent cyclical swings.

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Since Macau opened its doors to Las Vegas operators 16 years ago, revenue at its casinos has surged tenfold, to $33 billion, making it the world’s gaming capital. But the luck of gambling houses in the former Portuguese colony may be running out, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

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