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“It smells like road kill” is how one farmer described the olfactory impact of soybeans rotting. While much of rural America voted for President Donald Trump in 2016, his trade war has forced soybean farmers into a high stakes gamble. With China not buying, they’re storing their crops instead of selling. Maybe Trump will do a deal, they hope, before huge swaths of the heartland begin to reek of decay. 

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Tech shares crumbled along with the broader market thanks in part to signs of weakening demand for Apple’s iPhone.

Hey Wall Street, about that stagnant wage problem facing many Americans? Don’t fret—your bonus may climb this year by 20 percent

Trump had a stormy Veteran’s Day weekend after skipping a memorial for U.S. servicemen killed in World War I because of rain. He also reportedly didn’t visit Arlington National Cemetery.

U.S. financial giants are hedging their bets when it comes to China, taking a cautious approach on entering its $45 trillion securities industry.

The newest tech billionaires are two Utah brothers who built an $8 billion software company—in their parents’ basement, of course.

Bubbles are destined to burst. On this week’s episode of Odd Lots, we predict the fall of the unicorns.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about?Semantics. While legislative movement on the healthcare front seems unlikely in the near-term, it’s telling that Republicans now use the Democratic phrase “Medicare-for-all” to describe what they once derisively called “socialized medicine.”

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More than 30 are dead and hundreds missing as California went up in flames over the weekend. Fueled by climate change, local officials say this could be the new normal. Trump at first threatened to withhold federal funding, blaming state officials for poor management—though most California forests are federally run. See the devastation in pictures.

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