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Trade tensions continue to ratchet up, this time with China promising $60 billion in tariffs on U.S. goods. China's said it will impose a 25 percent duty on U.S. liquefied natural gas, a blow to an emerging business. Trump is standing firm and economic adviser Larry Kudlow went as far to say the president's commitment to fair trade shouldn't be underestimated. 

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The U.S. added 157,000 new jobs in July as the market continues to tighten. While this report was slightly under expectations, upward revisions made May and June job growth look even stronger.

There's still "a ways to go" to denuclearize North Korea, which continues to violate UN resolutions, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley also had strong words for Russia for allegedly continuing to issue work permits for North Koreans, despite sanctions.

Small restaurant earnings could spell bad news for the big dogs next week. More than half of the smaller restaurants in the Russell 2000 that reported quarterly results missed revenue estimates.

NASA selected 9 astronauts to fly with  SpaceX and Boeing's capsule test flights in the coming year. They'll be the companies’ first flights with humans on board. 

Police gave a final report on the last year's Las Vegas mass shooting, saying there was no evidence of a second shooter and there was no clear motive for Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people.  

The blue jean businessis struggling under the EU tariffs on American denim. Abroad, U.S. jeans are a status symbol, and new duties are hurting sales of an already struggling industry. 

What's everyone talking about? Trump's anger at Robert Mueller—and the president's allegations that the special counsel is biased against him—has broken out in public in recent weeks. A recent meeting in the Oval Office also may have played a role in Trump's grudge against the special counsel.

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William Rubin, the head of the Museum of Modern Art’s painting and sculpture department, may be known for transforming the institution’s collection. A better-kept secret has been his modern Westchester estate and private art collection that’s now on the market. 

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