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Maybe the North Korea talks will happen after all. As President Donald Trump departed Washington for the holiday weekend, he mused of revisiting the decision to call off the summit, his latest policy about-face. Meanwhile, one person who won’t be traveling far anytime soon is ex-film mogul Harvey Weinstein, who was arrested.  

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Taiwan is losing friends as China’s efforts to isolate the island nation are accelerating, leaving only 18 countries who recognize the country formally known as the Republic of China.

The People's Republic of China, meanwhile, got some good news—courtesy of Trump. The administration told Congress it will allow Chinese telecom firm ZTE Corp. to remain in business.

In just six weeks, Saudi Arabia has gone from advocating higher oil prices to trying to stop the rally at $80 a barrel. What's going on in Riyadh?

These American workers are still being paid like it’s the 1980s, thanks to the government’s decades-long failure to update the “prevailing wage” for jobs needed on taxpayer-funded projects.

Europe has had enough of Brexit. Leavers hoped to start a continent-wide revolution, but it turns out there are more pressing problems.

Crypto fever may have cooled across much of the globe, but don’t tell that to folks in Caracas. They’re mining coins like crazy in Venezuela.

What's Lorcan Roche Kelly thinking? The Bloomberg Markets editor says the reason a new order in Italy threatens a wider European crisis is because the lessons from the last crisis weren't put into practice.

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Welcome to America’s most glamorous wine extravaganza. A hair-raising ride with race car driver Danica Patrick, a masked ball at Versailles, a visit to a camel racetrack in Abu Dhabi, and, of course, rare California wines: That’s a tiny taste of what’s on offer at the 38th extravagant Auction Napa Valley.

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