A Big Mac sandwich and French fries are arranged for a photo at a McDonald’s restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Photographer: Paulo Fridman/Bloomberg)

Westlife Development Says It’s Confident Of Meeting Same-Store-Sales Growth Target

Westlife Development Ltd., the operator of two-thirds of McDonald’s outlets in India, said it’s confident of achieving its same-store-sales growth target of 7-9 percent by 2021-22 despite a change in consumer sentiment.

“Even though the economy is volatile and impacts consumer spending, we had internally taken a challenge to keep same store sales positive,” Amit Jatia, vice chairman at the franchise partner for burger chain’s stores in west and south India, told BloombergQuint during an interview. “When you have seen a 30 percent top line growth, I don’t expect the trend to continue every year. But a sustainable number is yet deliverable through the ups and downs.”

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