Want to Donate Bitcoin for Notre Dame? It May Soon Be Possible

(Bloomberg) -- France’s Minister for Digital Affairs Cedric O says he’s open to discussing with crypto-currency platforms ways to allow donations in digital money to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The French government Wednesday presented the www.rebatirnotredamedeparis.fr website with links to four approved organizations that are collecting money to repair the Gothic monument that was ravaged by fire Monday, April 15. For the moment, there’s no way to donate in Bitcoin or other digital currencies.

“We had a day to create that website,” O said. “But we are open to discussing with others. I think the more people we bring in, the more money we can raise.”

O said the same conditions would apply for digital currency donations as for traditional ones: there must be no commissions, information must be collected for tax deductions, and the money must find its way to the four approved organizations.

The government website is designed for small donations from individuals. Various wealthy individuals and companies have made public pledges and more than 800 million euros ($920 million) has already been raised, Culture Minister Franck Riester said earlier Wednesday. The normal annual budget for restoring national monuments is about 300 million euros, he said.
President Emmanuel Macron Tuesday night said the cathedral will be rebuilt in five years.

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