Uber Returns to Dusseldorf With Electric Ride-Hailing Service

(Bloomberg) -- Uber Technologies Inc. is expanding in Germany by bringing its ride-hailing services back to Dusseldorf, three years after leaving the city because of regulatory difficulties.

Key Insights

  • Startup debuts the UberGreen electric rides, UberX and UberTaxi services in Dusseldorf from Monday; this means Uber is back to careful expansion in a country where it faced harsh push-back from regulators for many years
  • Uber is now active in three German cities -- including Berlin and Munich
  • It’s part of CEO Dara Khosrowshahi’s strategy of shaking off the startup’s gung-ho attitude of the past.
  • Uber says in blog post “we have been engaging closely with many local stakeholders, to develop a service that addresses the city’s growing transportation needs, and that ‘gets it right’ this time”

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