Bubbles, Retirement and the Seven Sins of Memory

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My end-of-week morning train reads:

  • The $5 Trillion Question: How Did the Firm That Pioneered ETFs Lose Its Lead? (Wall Street Journal)
  • Everything About Private Equity Reeks of Bubble. Party On! (Institutional Investor)
  • Millennials Are Making a Costly Investment Mistake (Bloomberg)
  • Wages Are Rising in Europe. But Economists Are Puzzled. (New York Times)
  • At some point you’ll retire. Here’s how to avoid screwing it up (MarketWatch); see also Why Retire When You’re Too Old to Enjoy It? Quit Your Job Now (Bloomberg)
  • The Seven Sins of Memory (Psychology Today); see also There Is More to Behavioral Economics Than Biases and Fallacies (Behavioral Scientist)
  • This is why lawmakers want to gut the Endangered Species Act (Mother Jones)
  • After hurricane, Puerto Rico switches on to renewable energy (Christian Science Monitor)
  • How the Daily’s Michael Barbaro Became the Ira Glass of the New York Times (Vanity Fair)
  • The Dog Photographer of the Year Award Winners Are In, and They’re Fantastic (Digg)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Robert Arnott, founder and chairman of Research Affiliates and widely credited as the inventor of smart beta investing. RAFI, a subadviser to Pimco, specializes in innovative asset allocation and alternative indexation products.

Facebook’s $100 billion-plus rout is the biggest loss in stock market history

Bubbles, Retirement and the Seven Sins of Memory

Source: CNBC

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