Maria Butina Isn't Done Cooperating With U.S. Prosecutors

(Bloomberg) -- Maria Butina, the Russian who insinuated herself into Republican political circles and the National Rifle Association, then pleaded guilty to acting as an undeclared agent of her country in the U.S., is still cooperating with prosecutors.

Prosecutors and Butina’s lawyers told a Washington federal judge Friday that since her cooperation isn’t complete, they’re not ready to suggest a date for sentencing.

Just three days ago, Butina’s boyfriend, conservative political operative Paul Erickson, was indicted on wire-fraud and money-laundering charges by a federal grand jury in South Dakota.

Butina’s lawyers and the prosecutors jointly asked U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan to postpone a scheduled Feb. 12 hearing to Feb. 26. Chutkan granted their request in an order issued 45 minutes later.

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