Kavanaugh on Hold As New FBI Probe Ordered: Weekend Reads

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A public accusation. An angry denial. An effort to move a Supreme Court nomination forward. And then a delay

Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s last-minute change of heart has put Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination on hold and prompted President Donald Trump to order an FBI probe into sexual assault allegations against the federal judge, capping a dramatic week that could have far-reaching implications for American culture and politics

Get caught up on this and other politics stories that Bloomberg covered this week with our latest edition of Weekend Reads. 

Kavanaugh on Hold As New FBI Probe Ordered: Weekend Reads

May Versus Johnson: The Political Rivalry Shaping Brexit Britain
The two biggest names in the governing Conservative Party square off again next week in a deepening rivalry shaping Britain. Tim Ross previews the action. Here’s a chart mapping out those jostling to take Prime Minister Theresa May’s place. 

Trump Administration Loves Issuing Sanctions, Not Enforcing Them
The U.S. Treasury Department has emerged as a high-profile foreign policy weapon under Trump, advancing administration priorities by economically isolating Iran, Russia, and other hostile governments. But actual enforcement has all but disappeared, Christian Berthelsen and Tom Schoenberg report. 

Kavanaugh on Hold As New FBI Probe Ordered: Weekend Reads

Turkey’s Bizarre Conspiracy Case Against an American Pastor
The alleged conspiracy includes everyone from Kurdish terrorists to CIA agents, and the bizarre evidence includes secret handshakes and missing fingers. Marc Champion and Cagan Koc delve into the standoff over American pastor Andrew Brunson that has helped sour U.S-Turkish relations. 

Has Anyone Seen Roman Abramovich? The Final Days of Londongrad
Roman Abramovich used to be London’s quintessential oligarch. But after the nerve-agent poisoning – allegedly by Moscow – of a Russian double agent, the British capital is no longer so welcoming to Russians with money, Stephanie BakerDavid Hellier and Irina Reznik report. 

Can South Africa’s President Be His Country’s Deng Xiaoping?
Trump’s assertion that South Africa has engaged in “the large-scale killing” of white farmers to seize their land is the least of Cyril Ramaphosa problems. As Sam Mkokeli writes, the new president must instead focus on market reforms that many in his party detest.

Kavanaugh on Hold As New FBI Probe Ordered: Weekend Reads

End of Trump-Xi ‘Friendship’ May Accelerate Great Power Rivalry
After hailing his personal bond with Xi Jinping over the 18 months since they first met, Trump told reporters this week that their friendship might be over,  snuffing out the only bright spot in a rapidly deteriorating relationship. 

Trump’s Venezuela Military Option Gains Backers as Millions Flee
A year after Trump said he was considering a “military option” for Venezuela, the idea is slowly gaining momentum in Washington, Matthew Bristow reports.

Russia Money-Laundering Probe Engulfs Defiant Central Banker
Alleged bribe negotiations in a Chinese restaurant, the assassination of a bank-liquidation lawyer and lenders shut down by regulators are just a few of the details in Henry MeyerAaron Eglitis and Irina Reznik’s story of Latvia's struggle with money laundering. 

Germany’s Coal Habit Proves Hard to Kick in Green-Power Shift
Germany’s economic interests are coming up against the government's goals of becoming an environmental leader in a $590 billion shift to renewable power, Brian Parkin and William Wilkes report. 

And finally … When David Rockefeller’s estate sold at Christie’s New York earlier this year, the allure of “living like a Rockefeller” induced eager collectors to spend wild sums. Now, Christie’s rival Sotheby’s is hoping that there’s some Rockefeller magic left over. The auction house will sell hundreds of pieces of furniture, art, decorations, and jewelry from Nelson and Happy Rockefeller’s estate. James Tarmy has details. 

Kavanaugh on Hold As New FBI Probe Ordered: Weekend Reads

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