An employee and a customer handle Indian Rupee banknote. (Photographer: Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg)

Foreign Direct Investment Falls 7% Between April And December 

Foreign direct investment into India contracted by 7 percent to $33.49 billion during April-December in the current fiscal year, according to data released by the commerce and industry ministry.

Foreign fund inflows during April-December 2017-18 stood at $35.94 billion.

The key sectors that received the maximum foreign investment during the nine months of the fiscal include services ($5.91 billion), computer software and hardware ($4.75 billion), telecommunications ($2.29 billion), trading ($2.33 billion), chemicals ($6.05 billion), and the automobile industry ($1.81 billion).

Singapore was the largest source of FDI during April-December 2018-19 with $12.97 billion inflow, followed by Mauritius ($6 billion), the Netherlands ($2.95 billion), Japan ($2.21 billion), the U.S. ($2.34 billion), and the U.K. ($1.05 billion).

A decline in foreign inflows could put pressure on the country's balance of payments and may also impact the value of the rupee.