A Facebook Inc. logo sits on display at Station F, a mega-campus for startups located inside a former freight railway depot, in Paris, France. (Photographer: Christophe Morin/Bloomberg)

Facebook to Pay More Tax in France, Head of French Unit Says

(Bloomberg) -- Facebook Inc. will pay more tax in France after changing its operating model in the country and as the government imposes a new levy on the revenue of digital companies, French unit chief Laurent Solly told Le Parisien.

Facebook last year said all revenue from sales in France would be declared in the country and it will “naturally” pay the new revenue tax, Solly said. The French unit has expanded quickly in recent years and Facebook is “in many ways also a French company,” he added.

“You will see Facebook paying more and more tax in France. And I’ll tell you something: that’s normal,” Solly said.

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