The Facebook Inc. ‘like’ logo is displayed on a computer screen and reflected in water droplets in San Francisco, California. (Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg)

Facebook Says It's Close to Pulling Several InfoWars Pages

(Bloomberg) -- Facebook pages tied to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, including the official pages for InfoWars and Jones’ page, are close to being removed from the social media site and his personal account has been temporarily banned from the platform, according to Facebook.

  • The company says it received reports related to four videos on pages maintained by InfoWars and Alex Jones and removed them after determining the content violated community standards
  • Jones’ personal account is banned for 30 days
  • "Our Community Standards make it clear that we prohibit content that encourages physical harm, or attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity," a spokesperson for Facebook says in statement
  • Facebook has received questions about why InfoWars is allowed to remain up, even though it makes claims including the denial that the shooting of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 ever happened
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