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BQPortfolio: Here’s How Nirali Desai Can Set Up A Dine-In Bakery

Remy the rat in the animated movie Ratatouille had it easy. He made no investments, had no worries about the rent, and only depended on his amazing culinary skills to get him out of a bind. Nirali Desai, a chef, is aware that reality isn’t as easy.

A resident of Chandigarh, Desai runs a bakery–Cake-A-Reuni–a venture she started a couple of years ago with help from her family. She bakes primarily for weddings and also offers takeaways. Business is good, she said, but feels it could be better.

A year from now, Desai would like to launch her first dine-in bakery, so that she can sell products off the oven and off the shelf. She doesn’t have the capital to buy real estate in the upscale neighbourhood she has identified as rent and other costs are significant.

Desai estimates she'll have to spend nearly Rs 24 lakh in the first year of operations itself.

On this episode of BQPortfolio, Gajendra Kothari, the managing director of Etica Wealth Management, offers Desai a simple solution to ensure she has the best springboard to improve her business.