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Are Tata Group CEOs Sending A Message To Their Boss This New Year?

What happens if your boss is a marathon man? Chances are he works hard and makes you toil as well. N Chandrasekaran, who heads the Tata Group, does that for sure.

The 30-year group veteran, known for running marathons, is steering a restructuring to simplify the India’s largest conglomerate that runs more than 100 companies. And he has a message for employees: 2018 delivered a mixed performance and there’s “much more work ahead”.

Our job is to run our marathon, not to be distracted by somebody else’s sprint.
N Chandrasekaran To Employees

The chief executive officers of top 10 Tata Group companies, who report to Chandra, are attuned to businesses realities, shareholder returns and cash flows.

But most of them don’t take enough time off work to spend with families or to pursue hobbies, at least going by the latest edition of the Tata Review, the group’s in-house quarterly magazine. Because that’s what their New Year resolutions suggest.

Here’s what they want to change in 2019:

Rajesh Gopinathan, MD, TCS

  • New Year Resolution: I will endeavour to spend more time with my family.

TV Narendran, MD, Tata Steel

  • New Year Resolution: Become Fitter!

Guenter Butschek, MD, Tata Motors

  • New Year Resolution: Managing quality time for personal priorities and hobbies that have taken a back seat lately. Maintaining high energy levels to remain young in mind and body.

Praveer Sinha, MD, Tata Power

  • New Year Resolution: Drive a spirit of enhancing knowledge and skillsets in this fast-changing business environment. Take up a healthy lifestyle. Engage with community at large to bring about a transformation in their lives.

R Mukundan, MD, Tata Chemicals

  • New Year Resolution: Improve fitness.

Bhaskar Bhat, MD, Titan

New Year Resolution: Win and make no one lose.

Puneet Chatwal, MD, Indian Hotels

  • New Year Resolution: Invest more time daily in the 4Rs—relationships, running, resting and reading.

Vinod Kumar, MD, Tata Communications

  • New Year Resolution:
    To stretch...
    my curiosity, for learning
    my body, to remain agile as i grow older
    my time, to make a meaningful contribution.

Ajoy Misra, MD, Tata Global Beverages

New Year Resolution: Making holistic fitness a part of my routine—one activity I particularly enjoy but have neglected. I plan to supplement this by sticking to a healthy diet, which includes several cups of Tetley green tea!

Rajiv Sabharwal, MD, Tata Capital

New Year Resolution: To achieve a better work-life balance.