Your Weekend Reading: China Clouds American Earnings

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The earnings flood from U.S. industrials suggests trouble ahead, mostly thanks to China—where the world’s top-performing stock market is looking a bit shaky. 3M shares fell the most since 1987 (remember Black Monday?) after the maker of Post-It notes slashed its outlook. Ford beat forecasts, but still lost money in—you guessed it—China. Starbucks, however, couldn’t complain.

What you’ll want to read this weekend

An Amazon team that reviews commands to Alexa can also access location data, potentially including where you live

Millennials tried to kill the American mall. Generation Z might save it, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. But in Europe and Japan, will this younger cohort actually buy anything new?

Facebook said it’s trying to police itself during India’s elections—with a handful of contract fact-checkers for the nation’s 1 billion voters.

A woman says she was already a target for men at Cantor Fitzgerald—and then one of them did something disgusting to her coffee mug.

Unsold luxury homes are piling up in the Hamptons. Listings for these lavish vacation retreats on eastern Long Island have tripled from last year.

What you’ll need to know next week

  • The Fed meets with low inflation on its mind
  • It’s another week for major earnings, including Apple and Google.
  • Berkshire Hathaway investors should prep for big buybacks.
  • Spain goes to the polls Sunday, and Catalonia is the central issue.
  • A Japanese emperor will abdicate for the first time in 202 years.

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The ultimate badge of wealth—the private jet—has been getting ever-more expensive and impractical. So a new generation of business models has blossomed for the top-tier jet-set: prepaid cards to book one; share purchases; an app that gets you a non-commercial seat; and a burgeoning charter business. All are options for when first-class isn’t good enough.

Your Weekend Reading: China Clouds American Earnings

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