Spanish Elections, 2020 Ramps Up, Macron Alone?: Weekend Reads

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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s bet to call an early election may just pay off. Find out why and dig deeper into other issues that dominated this week’s political headlines.

From the implications of a key Democratic presidential contender’s call to impeach Donald Trump to French President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to placate Yellow Vest protesters, it’s all explained in the latest edition of Weekend Reads. 

Spanish Elections, 2020 Ramps Up, Macron Alone?: Weekend Reads

Warren’s Supporters United In Ambivalence Over Impeachment Call
After becoming the first major Democratic presidential candidate to call for Trump’s impeachment, Elizabeth Warren headed to New Hampshire to lay out her rationale to voters. Joshua Green reports that, even though her impeachment push created plenty of buzz, the response among attendees was ambivalent.

Brazil’s Rogue Police Gangs Swell $39 Billion Cost of Corruption
A new cigarette brand cornered the market last year in Itaborai, a crumbling former oil town on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. As Bruce Douglas and Sabrina Valle reveal, the product’s success isn’t because of its quality. It’s the result of a murderous militia that’s forcing vendors to sell it.

Democrats’ Push for Gun Limits Deepens U.S. Divide Entering 2020
Democratic presidential hopefuls are embracing gun control as the 2020 campaign accelerates. Sahil Kapur explains how that’s deepening the divide in U.S. politics between rural regions with rich gun cultures and urban and suburban areas where the mood has turned in favor of tougher laws.

Brexit Chaos Spurs Renewed Scottish Drive for Independence Vote
The leader of Scotland’s pro-independence government vowed to push for another vote on leaving the U.K. within two years to protect the country from the consequences of Brexit. Rodney Jefferson details Nicola Sturgeon’s argument that the political system in London has failed Scotland. 

Trump’s Sanctions Mean a 19-Hour Wait for Gas in a Lifeless City
The war in Syria is now an economic one. Donna Abu-Nasr visited Damascus and writes about how people are struggling to find essentials. 

Spanish Elections, 2020 Ramps Up, Macron Alone?: Weekend Reads

Venezuela-Turkey Trading Scheme Enriches Mysterious Maduro Crony
Venezuela's gold sales to Turkey in exchange for food supplies to the crisis-wracked Latin American nation have drawn the attention of law enforcement in the U.S. and other nations. Michael Smith and Monte Reel have the full report.

Macron Dangles Tax Cuts to Reboot Presidency: Is It Enough?
Emmanuel Macron promised tax cuts for France’s middle classes as he looked to show he’s in tune with the country’s concerns. Helene Fouquet and William Horobin explain why it might not work. 

Mnuchin Stalls Trump’s Tax Release, Questions Democrats’ Intent
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin again refused to release Trump’s tax returns to House Democrats, who want them to see if he has ties to foreign businesses and whether he cheated on his taxes. But as Joe Light and Laura Davison report, Mnuchin argued they really just want to expose the president’s financial records to the public.

Spanish Elections, 2020 Ramps Up, Macron Alone?: Weekend Reads

And finally…Martin Clist, the director of London’s Charles Ede Gallery, is bringing a 3,400-year-old Egyptian “offering table” to Tefaf New York Spring, an art and antiquities fair that opens next week in New York. Get ready with a handy guide to collecting antiquities. 

Spanish Elections, 2020 Ramps Up, Macron Alone?: Weekend Reads

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