Korea, Kavanaugh, Brexit: Weekend Reads

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A landmark summit between the leaders of North and South Korea, the sexual assault allegations threatening Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination and the maneuvering in the U.K. six months ahead of its deadline to leave the European Union were among the top political stories of the past seven days. Dig deeper on these and other leadership developments from across the globe with this edition of Weekend Reads.  

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Korea, Kavanaugh, Brexit: Weekend Reads

A Chinese Company Reshaping the World Leaves a Troubled Trail
Sheridan Prasso takes a closer look at allegations of fraud, corruption, and environmental damage that have besieged state-owned China Communications Construction Co., a major player in President Xi Jinping’s ambitious Belt and Road infrastructure project.

The Tough Negotiator Turning Trump’s Trade Bluster Into Reality
Shawn Donnan profiles Robert Lighthizer, the president’s trade czar. “We’ve probably got some horse thieves in there,” Lighthizer’s older brother, says of the family lineage. “But there’s no traitors.”

Britain’s Brexit Fixation Brings Other Government Work to a Halt
While Theresa May’s government spars with the European Union, the U.K. — as an administrative entity — has virtually stopped working, Jess ShanklemanAlex Morales and Suzi Ring report. 

Global Security at Stake in Mali’s Islamist War, President Says
Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita tells Katarina Hoije in an exclusive interview that his country’s six-year fight against Islamist militants should be of global concern.

Korea, Kavanaugh, Brexit: Weekend Reads

Turkey’s Erdogan Is All Over East Jerusalem
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s efforts to boost investment in east Jerusalem are unsettling the three governments with a direct stake in the contested city, Jonathan Ferziger and Fadwa Hodali write. 

U.S. Sanctions Driving Russian Billionaires Into Putin’s Arms
The Trump administration is helping Vladimir Putin achieve a goal that’s eluded him for almost two decades — getting Russia’s billionaires to start repatriating some of their assets. Yuliya Fedorinova, Ilya Arkhipov and Evgenia Pismennaya have details. 

Rust Belt States That Powered Trump Win Now Spurning Republicans
The same Rust Belt states that provided an election night shocker two years ago — delivering the presidency to Donald Trump -- could hand Democrats crucial wins in the midterm elections, according to John McCormick. 

Misfiring Macron Desperate for a Victory as Magic Starts to Fade
Once touted as the figurehead for a resurgent Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron is now looking isolated, ineffective and politically tone deaf. He needs a big win in next year’s EU elections, Helene Fouquet and Gregory Viscusi report. 

Inside Steve Bannon’s Plans for a New European Political Order
Steve Bannon helped upend the political order in the U.S. before falling out with Trump. Now he’s looking to recreate his former glories in Europe, Viscusi, Nikos Chrysoloras, Joshua Green and Richard Bravo report. 

Powell Fights to Protect the Fed from Trump’s Rate-Hike Barbs
Central bank Chairman Jerome Powell is working the halls of Congress as he faces an unprecedented barrage of open criticism from the White House. Rich Miller and Craig Torres have details. 

Korea, Kavanaugh, Brexit: Weekend Reads

And finally … Most people might have a tough time identifying the Andaman Islands on a map: The archipelago is scattered along the western reaches of the Andaman Sea, gently curving its way northward from Indonesia toward Myanmar, with Thailand to the east. Nikki Ekstein and Sarah Khan outline 11 reasons you should visit the remote Indian outpost. 

Korea, Kavanaugh, Brexit: Weekend Reads

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