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It’s not just high winds and storm surge. It’s also toxic waste and pig manure. As Hurricane Florence bears down on North Carolina, piles of coal ash and lagoons of animal waste may poison the landscape and water supply once the storm comes ashore. 

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Elon Musk’s deputy at SpaceX, decrying the media frenzy over the Tesla CEO's tweets and podcast antics, has a message for critics: “Look at the work that Elon’s companies do and focus on that." Still, some on Wall Street remain skeptical.

Coverage of gun violence often focuses on the semi-automatic rifles used in mass killings. But other guns are used three times as often in what’s become a recurring American nightmare.

Federal Reserve officials expect to lift the central bank’s benchmark rate at least two more times this year, and markets are beginning to reflect it.

Sure, their assets are at a record $3.2 trillion and a new firm just brought in $8 billion. But the hedge fund industry is actually shrinking.

Relying on gadgets to preserve a child’s first steps or the voice of an aging parent is risky. When you go back to look, your memories may be lost to obsolescence. Join us on a mission to recover electronic recollections in a world of rapidly evolving technology.

Why is the EU mad at Malta? Well, its least-populous member is a cryptocurrency and online gambling hub plagued by allegations of corruption and money laundering. And it’s selling passports, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is wondering whether there’s a bubble in the making for ascendant marijuana stocks such as Canopy Growth and Tilray.

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This is how NASA technology is being used to put you to sleep: Its surface features a material developed for the U.S. space agency. It’s filled with foam tubes that adjust as you move. It will supposedly prevent you from sweating. And it’s just a pillow.

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