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Criticized for his response to Senator John McCain’s death and still smarting from last week’s body blows, President Donald Trump sought to change the subject. The U.S. and Mexico have a new trade deal and the name Nafta is dead, he said Monday in a hastily arranged event. Canada, however, remains out in the cold. 

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It’s the most important office in the Justice Department with some of the best lawyers in government. And it just declared war on Trump, Noah Feldman writes for Bloomberg Opinion.

Forget the 401(k). Saving your stem cells for later may let you cheat death, or at least that's the hope of companies offering this new benefit. 

Apple is embracing the design of its iPhone X with new colors and bigger screens, keeping its ubiquitous edge-to-edge design as it adds more features.

Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods is starting to blossom for billionaire owner Jeff Bezos, while it's Trader Joe's, Walgreens and others who may be wilting.

Taxpayers in New York and Connecticut can still avoid being smacked by the cap on state and local deductions that comes courtesy of the Republican tax overhaul earlier this year.

During the media hurricane he triggered with his going private-tweet, Elon Musk was making more Model 3s than ever. Check out Bloomberg's exclusive Model 3 tracker to see why.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is marveling at how, despite a long list of obstacles, stocks keep hitting new records.

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Vladimir Putin has a problem back home. Russians have largely supported their president’s behavior on the international stage, from annexing Crimea to hacking U.S. elections to bombing Syria. But his proposal to raise their retirement age means some may never live to get their pensions. And they’re not happy about it.

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