Underground Banks Go Under, and So Do Beachfront Homes

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  • Cheap Stocks, 2% Bonds and Modest Earnings Built Record Bull Run (Bloomberg)
  • Massive P2P Failures in China: Underground banks going under (Petersen)
  • Sorry, Pal, I Don’t Want to Talk: The other reason people wear AirPods (Wall Street Journal)
  • How Sugar Subsidies Are Ruining Dozens of Florida Beaches, and Destroying Vast Quantities of Marine Life (FEE)
  • Facebook’s Flawed DNA Makes It Unable to Fight Misinformation (Monday Note) see also Nobody Trusts Facebook. Twitter Is a Hot Mess. What Is Snapchat Doing? ( Bloomberg)
  • Fleeing Venezuela’s Crushing Economic Crisis (The Atlantic)
  • Sea Level Rise Is Eroding Home Value, and Owners Might Not Even Know It (Washington Post)
  • Learning Is a Learned Behavior. Here’s How to Get Better at It. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Who is David Pecker?: Michael Cohen’s plea explains National Enquirer publisher’s role (Newsweek)
  • Nobel Golfer: The winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics has ideas for the game (Golf Digest)

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Make Coal Great Again?

Underground Banks Go Under, and So Do Beachfront Homes

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