Bitcoins, Books and Extinction Events

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Why Digital Currency Won’t Save Us (New Economic Thinking); see also Gold Falls to 18-Month Low as Dollar Strengthens (Wall Street Journal)
  • The U.S. Becomes an Oil Economy (Bloomberg View)
  • Three theories on why MoviePass failed (Washington Post); see also How movie theaters are surviving big tech (Axios)
  • You probably have no idea just how much water is needed to produce electricity (Quartz
  • In U.S., wage growth is being wiped out entirely by inflation (Washington Post); see also Goldman: “Price pressures seem to be everywhere except the inflation statistics” (Calculated Risk)
  • Hacking The Electric Grid Is Damned Hard (FiveThirtyEight)
  • Enrolling Americans in Medicaid Is Now Cheaper Than Subsidizing Their Obamacare Coverage (Slate); see also Large Hidden Costs of Medicare’s Prescription Drug Program (Upshot)
  • Why ‘Never Trump’ Godfather Rick Wilson Started Carrying a Gun in Public (Observer)
  • Big Tech’s new idea: read some books (Financial Times); see also The Way You Read Books Says A Lot About Your Intelligence, Here’s Why (Medium)
  • The Re-Origin of Species: bringing extinct animals back to life (The Guardian)

The Cost of the Financial Crisis

Bitcoins, Books and Extinction Events

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