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In recent years, Airbnb has become the bête noire of city dwellers who blame it for hyper-inflated rents and accelerated gentrification. Well, New York’s City Council just slapped the San Francisco company hard, requiring the names of all its hosts in the five boroughs as part of an effort to eliminate illegal rentals, and perhaps create a template for other cities to follow. 

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The Trump administration said it will give $12 billion in aid to American farmers hurt by dropping prices tied to foreign retaliation over the U.S. trade war.


Remember Health Maintenance Organizations? Limits on patient choice, rationed care, and crazy bills for out-of-network services? Some features of the plans are coming back.

A year after General Motors gave up on European automaker Opel, the brand is making money again under French owner PSA Group.

Chinese financial markets are rediscovering their appetite for risk, following Beijing's lead in trying to turn around a slowing economy.

A Goldman Sachs salesman was fired last month after having been charged with attacking two women in just over a year.

Nannies, cleaners and home-caregivers just won a battle in Seattle that offers a glimpse of a brighter future for the embattled U.S. labor movement.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is thinking about Tesla, and how its CEO-centric corporate structure is reminiscent of an earlier era.

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It is an impoverished, dusty little place. Most inhabitants work the land for a living. They grow corn and avocados and raise cattle and pigs. They also rob trains. Lots of trains. So many, in fact, that Acultzingo isn't only the train robbery capital of Mexico, but maybe the whole world.

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