An Air India aircraft taxis on the runway in Mumbai Airport (Photographer:Santosh Verma/Bloomberg News)

Air India Changes ‘Taiwan’  To ‘Chinese Taipei’ On Its Website

National carrier Air India has changed the name of Taiwan to Chinese Taipei on its website, following instructions from the government, an airline spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said Air India followed the procedure as advised by the Ministry of External Affairs in updating the airline's website with respect to changing name of Taiwan. That comes after China had raised concerns about Taiwan being described as a separate region by various airlines worldwide.

Air India operates flights to two destinations in China region – Shanghai and Hong Kong.

While the national carrier does not have flights to Chinese Taipei, it has a code share with Air China. That’s the reason this destination is listed on Air India’s website. Now, Air India describes Taiwan as 'Taipei, Taoyuan International Airport, TPE, Chinese Taipei' on its website.

Is Air India’s stance justified? Is India kowtowing to China? Is India finding a common ground with China? Watch this interview with Manoj Joshi, senior fellow at ORF to understand the implications.