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Elon Musk has taken a public beating in recent months as he struggled to ramp up production of Tesla's Model 3. The billionaire pledged to burn those on Wall Street hoping to profit from his failure. But now that he's exceeded his promise to make 5,000 Model 3s in one week, it's still not enough for some

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When it comes to Tesla, doubters are going to doubt. Now that Musk has reached his weekly goal, skeptics say they want to see if the electric carmaker can keep it up.

President Donald Trump's announcement that Saudi Arabia would increase oil production was "farcical" and "showed who really has the whip hand," says Bloomberg Opinion's Liam Denning.

You're paying your credit card bill all wrong. Or more precisely, carrying a balance isn't going to help your credit score, despite what one in five Americans might think. In fact, it could hurt you.

You thought the mall was dying? That's so last year. Using your laptop to buy stuff will soon be old hat, too. The future of retail is in the palm of your hand, and Instagram wants to cash in.

China’s stock investors seized on Friday’s rebound as a chance to sell, sending equities falling to their weakest close in two years.

Carmakers eager to expand their footprint in China are basking in the glow of long-sought cuts to overseas duties. Only now they fear a trade war whiplash will eliminate their gains. 

What's Joe Wiesenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is thinking about barbecue and Neel Kashkari's look back on post-recession unemployment—probably in that order.

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Flavored vodka may soon stop being a punchline. You should still avoid ordering it at the hotel bar, or when you want to impress your boss. But the day is coming when it won't be embarrassing.  “It’s time for well-made and naturally flavored vodka to get respect,” says Grey Goose global ambassador Joe McCanta.

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