Whole Foods, Saving Europe and the Blockchain

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My midweek morning train reads:

  • Soros: How to Save Europe (Project Syndicate)
  • The Bad Days Have Been Really Bad in 2018’s Stock Market (Bloomberg)
  • Why Gold Has Fallen in a Geopolitically Tense World (Barron’s)
  • Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice (Of Dollars And Data)
  • Price Is What You Pay; Value Is What You Get — Nifty Fifty Edition (Fortune Financial Advisors)
  • Harvard study estimates thousands died in Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria (Washington Post); see also Trump Failed the Americans of Puerto Rico (Bloomberg Opinion)
  • How Amazon Plans to Use Whole Foods to Dominate the Retail Industry (Fortune)
  • 187 Things the Blockchain Is Supposed to Fix (Wired); see also Investors Bet $4 Billion on a Cryptocurrency Startup (Wall Street Journal)
  • There’s a better way to use a standing desk (Popular Science)
  • The Odds of the Rockets Missing That Many Threes? 1 in 72,000 (FiveThirtyEight)

What are you reading?

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Whole Foods, Saving Europe and the Blockchain

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