Oslo's Dry Cleaners Will Literally `Take You to the Cleaners'

(Bloomberg) -- Now we know what taken to the cleaners means.

The busy business traveler will definitely need to make sure the suits are clean before jumping on the next flight to Oslo.

Dry cleaning a suit in the Norwegian capital will set you back $50, a price that’s a whopping 30 percent above the European average, according to a study by the U.K. based on-line dry cleaning service Zipjet Ltd. The world’s cheapest? Jakarta, where it costs just a little over $2.

Oslo's Dry Cleaners Will Literally `Take You to the Cleaners'

Oslo, of course, also offers high wages, so cleaning a suit is covered by working just 2.3 hours at the minimum wage. By that measure, it would take 22.2 hours in the world’s most expensive city, Lagos. The cheapest is Dubai, where you’d have to work just 0.5 hours.

Comparing the price of dry cleaning services in 100 cities around the world, the study also revealed that Russians were the biggest spenders on dry cleaning services, followed by the U.S. and Brazil.

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