The Greenest States Tend to Be Blue

(Bloomberg) -- Vermont, known for its granola-adoring citizens and hippie ice cream magnates, provides the most sustainable lifestyle in the U.S., according to a new study.

Vermonters have the best “eco-friendly behaviors” of all states and West Virginians have the worst, in overall rankings compiled by WalletHub, a research group. The determination was based on 23 metrics, including recycling rates, gasoline consumption and renewable energy usage.

The rankings have a few surprises. California, by far the biggest solar power state, ranks among the five worst states for air pollution, placing it ninth overall. And Iowa, with the highest percentage of wind power, has the fewest high-efficiency buildings, placing it 31st overall.

The analysis also found that states voting for Democrats in the 2016 presidential election averaged a score of 13.4, indicating a much less polluting environment. States that voted Republican scored 33.57.

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