Kishore Biyani, Chief Executive Officer of Future Group Launching The Product. (Source: Sharleen D’Souza/BloombergQuint)

Future Consumer Bitten By The Health Bug

Future Consumer Enterprises Ltd. is looking to tap into the ‘healthy market’ with Kosh Premium Oats, and wants to market it as India’s third staple after rice and wheat.

Kosh Premium Oats will be available in four varieties- broken oats, oats atta, instant oats, wheat and oats atta.

Prices start from Rs 19 for a 100 grams pack of instant oats and goes all the way up to Rs 89 for a 500 grams pack of oats atta. A kilogram pack of wheat and oats atta is cheaper though, priced at Rs 60 a pack.

The product will initially be sold across Future Retail Ltd. outlets and some select general stores across 12 cities, before being supplied to other modern retail formats across the country.

The consumer player has also made an investment in Aussie Oats Milling Pvt Ltd., a facility in Sri Lanka for this new venture, and allocated Rs 55-60 crore for promotional activities over the next few years.

Future Consumer Enterprises currently focuses on food, home and personal care categories and sees Kosh garnering revenues of Rs 200 crore over the next two years.

The Oats market in India is currently at Rs 350-400 crore with the flavoured oats market contributing around 150 crore, said Future Consumer, and is growing at 12-14 percent annually.

“The launch of Kosh Oats is such an attempt to set a trend in the food space by introducing it as the third grain of India. Oats has always been introduced as a breakfast item. With Kosh, we strive to change that and make it India’s third grain that can be used in every meal right from starters to desserts,” Kishore Biyani was quoted as saying in the release.

After the launch of Kosh, Future Consumer will soon launch its own confectionery brand in the next few week, Kishore Biyani, CEO of Future Group said.