A driver for the Uber Technologies Inc. ride-hailing service (Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg)

Uber India Targets 5-Fold Increase In Driver Partners Over Next 2 Years

Uber India is looking to aggressively expand its Indian operations over the next two years as the company looks to increase the number of driver partners by more than a million – five times the current number.

“200,000 driver partners drove with us last month…we target to increase driver partners by over a million more in the coming two years,” Uber India’s President, Amit Jain told BloombergQuint in an interview.

The taxi market in India currently stands at $14 billion, Jain said, and cab aggregators like Uber constitute less than 7 percent of the organised market. Uber India’s primary focus will now be to target those who are looking to buy a car but may be persuaded otherwise, Jain added.

The car ownership market in India is at $10 trillion. This is also a market for Uber…we are looking at entire transportation market…we are looking at how to make people opt for an Uber instead of owning a car.
Amit Jain, President, Uber India

Uber India will also extend operations to 33 cities by end of this year, according to Jain. “We are already plying in 28 cities in India…we seek to expand to five new cities by the end of this year,” he said, pointing out that its ride sharing service, UberPool, has gotten “very popular over the last several months.”