European Countries Commit to Global Carbon Market for Airlines

(Bloomberg) -- A group of 44 countries in Europe committed today to participation in a global carbon market for airlines starting in 2021.

The European Union, its 28 member states and 16 other nations adopted a political declaration on emissions in Bratislava on Friday ahead of a United Nations’ aviation body meeting next month. The International Civil Aviation Organization, whose general assembly is scheduled for Sept. 27 to Oct. 7 in Montreal, plans to agree on how airlines are charged for carbon emissions after 2020.

Countries in the European Civil Aviation Conference “intend to implement the global market-based measure scheme for international aviation from the start,” according to their declaration.

The group also welcomed the commitment of a number of key aviation states and regions to join in the first phase and called on other nations “and those having the capacity to do so to do likewise and make their decision public before the end of the ICAO Assembly.”