BQPortfolio: This Is The Retirement Plan For A Cautious Investor

BQPortfolio speaks to citizens from across India about their financial goals and helps them access expert advice on how to achieve them.

Ranjeet Jha, 44, wants to know how much he would need to retire comfortably in 16 years from now.

The New Delhi resident earns Rs 25.2 lakh annually and after all his expenses he’s left with an investible surplus of Rs 13.2 lakh.

Rohit Shah, founder and chief executive officer of Getting You Rich, said Jha would need nearly Rs 1.5 crore to maintain his current lifestyle after retirement in 2034. Shah also advised him to invest in mutual funds rather than increasing investments in National Pension Scheme.

On this episode of BQPortfolio, Shah tells Jha how he can save Rs 1.5 crore to fund his retirement.

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