BQPortfolio: Can Harsha Vardhan Build A House Costing Rs 5 Crore By 2028?

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Building a house is a decision that can put pressure on one’s finances over the long term as it usually entails financing through loans.

Harsha Vardhan, 24, who works in Saudi Arabia, aspires to build a house in Chennai in 10 years, for which he estimates he’ll need around Rs 5 crore.

He earns Rs 12 lakh annually and is left with a surplus of Rs 9.6 lakh after deducting expenses.

But Amol Joshi of PlanRupee Investments says that Vardhan will only be able to build a corpus of Rs 2.5 crore by 2028.

Watch this episode of BQPortfolio, to find how Joshi helps Vardhan build a corpus for his dream house.

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