BQPortfolio: Can Abhimanyu Aggarwal Retire In 15 Years With Rs 8 Crore?

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Most working class Indians have a common dream: Retire early, retire rich.

Abhimanyu Aggarwal is no different. The 35-year-old Gurugram resident wishes to retire in 15 years and is planning to build a corpus of Rs 8 crore for his post-retirement life with his current level of savings.

Aggarwal is a salaried individual with a dependent son. He and his wife together make Rs 40 lakh annually and manage to save Rs 12 lakh a year. Aggarwal has already been working towards his goal of building a Rs 8 crore retirement corpus. His existing investments add up to Rs 1.5 crore, which are invested in a near 50:50 split between debt and equity assets.

Will Aggarwal be able to achieve his goal with his current allocation? What are the other investment aspects he should consider? On BloombergQuint’s special show, Portfolio, Amit Trivedi, author and mutual fund expert, helps him plan his finances.