Why Every Investor Should Consider PNP Coin, The Less-Volatile, Regulated Cryptocurrency

Why Every Investor Should Consider PNP Coin, The Less-Volatile, Regulated Cryptocurrency

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On March 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoins to buy two Papa John's pizzas, the first case of using Bitcoin in a commercial transaction.

But there is another bigger record just behind this fact. As on March 22, 2021, the pizzas were valued at approximately $630 million!

The Quest for a New Asset Class
Unearthing a new asset class is a rare occurrence. But it is definitely not without precedent. In their 12-year history, well known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have displayed modest three-year trading correlations with key portfolio asset classes. But they have also faced significant volatility issues and their inability to satisfy current regulatory regimes may actually have limited the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

What if the same asset class came with a robust regulatory framework, adherence to world-class compliance codes, standards for transparency and disclosure? The answer is PNP Coin, the cryptocurrency that ticks all the right boxes.

PNP Coin is a cryptocurrency prized for its power to become a store of value just like asset classes like gold. It is not just a new cryptocurrency created to cash on in crypto mania. It offers unique attributes and an unassailable value proposition that gives it innovative properties and a myriad of potential applications, making it a feasible asset for astute investors. Besides, it also addresses legal compliances; to complete transactions, one needs to complete a relevant compliance check (e.g., KYC, PEP, sanctions).

Adding PNP Coin to your portfolio can give you the first-mover advantage for long-term growth. Also, if you have been hesitant on crypto thus far because of volatility and regulatory concerns, investing at the right time could give you access to exponential growth opportunities within the PNP Coin blockchain ecosystem.

Why Every Investor Should Consider PNP Coin, The Less-Volatile, Regulated Cryptocurrency

First-of-its-kind Regulated Cryptocurrency
Launched by the Helios Groups, PNP Coin is a regulated cryptocurrency. That itself makes it fundamentally safer than any other non-regulated cryptocurrencies. It is a crypto asset class that provides investors with clarity on all aspects of regulation.

Given the RBI’s protective attitude to investors, which is hardly laissez-faire, there is no guarantee on non-regulated cryptocurrencies, while comparatively regulated crypto coins such as PNP Coin could be intelligent investments over the long run.

The Case for PNP Coin

Long-term investors naturally seek out new 'stores of value'. And in that regard, PNP Coin, combined with its regulatory framework, adequate pool of liquidity and involvement of a wide swath of well-known market participants, has a status of a unique and well-established asset class.

Similar to stocks or equity securities, investing in PNP Coins for the long-term could help mitigate volatility risk while at the same time provide investors with an excellent opportunity to build wealth.

Why Every Investor Should Consider PNP Coin, The Less-Volatile, Regulated Cryptocurrency


For one, as a regulated cryptocurrency, PNP Coin offers long-term stability with safety and security. PNP Coins serve as a stack model with the prospects of substantial returns, making it all the more promising for a long-term investment.

Besides, Helios has planned in such a way that you can use PNP Coin for all kinds of payments, including international ones with astonishing transaction speeds in the near future.

Helios Group is a reputed firm that backs the PNP’s blockchain technology. And given how the structure of the coin protocols has been developed and executed, the coin’s value may increase significantly by 2022, with a minimum increase of 30% within six months[1].

[1] https://pnpcoin.com/assets/EN_WHITE%20PAPER.pdf

Physical Card Unlike Any Other Cryptocurrency

When it comes to cryptocurrencies and digital assets, you need a functional store of value and an actual usable currency. Bitcoin has no assets and neither a business plan behind it, PNP Coin offers you both and more.

Unlike any other cryptocurrency in the market today, you get a physical card with PNP Coin that provides purpose, functionality, and critical mass. While other coins have various factors that could make it vulnerable to market volatility, like any other equity investments, PNP Coin should be less volatile than other cryptocurrencies. And that is why investors should take a 'longer picture' view of PNP Coin investment opportunities.

Bottom Line

The future of money is electronic. Discerning investors looking to grow wealth in the long run should consider diversifying their portfolios and capturing a slice of the potential upside of this new asset class. Given its reliable store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account, PNP Coin should enable investors to lock in long-term gains and safeguard against adverse declines in value from volatility, currency devaluation or inflation.

You can kick start crypto investing right away with PNP Coin.

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