Volvo Cars ‘Ultimate Safety Test’ Is The Edgy Approach Our Planet Needs To Fight Climate Change

Volvo Cars ‘Ultimate Safety Test’ Is The Edgy Approach Our Planet Needs To Fight Climate Change

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Safety has never been in focus as in the past year or so. With a pandemic that has disrupted the very fabric of society as we know it, ‘staying safe’ is something most people are now focused on.

For a brand like Volvo Cars though, safety is in its DNA. For most people who are aware of the brand, when you think safety, you think Volvo Cars. For nearly a hundred years, Volvo Cars’ philosophy has been to deliver pioneering innovations based on quality, safety and care for the environment. Volvo Cars mission has always been to make people’s lives easier, safer, and better at each and every step; be it inside their vehicles or outside. The Volvo Cars way, as they say, always starts with people.

Now, Volvo Cars is taking that strong legacy of stewardship and safety and addressing the challenge of climate change head-on. With its new ‘Ultimate Safety Test’ campaign, the brand synonymous with safety has managed to use its legacy to point to a far greater safety challenge that humankind faces.

The challenge is that posed by climate change, and one we desperately need to get a grip on, since climate change is essentially putting the planet at risk and that means the future and safety of humankind itself is in question.

With the ‘Ultimate Safety Test’ Volvo Cars has put out a story that is compelling, while being engaging and humorous, so no one will skip it, and there’s an eye-popping twist at the end. Take a look:

We’re showing the same dedication to protecting the planet as we do to keeping people safe. Our sustainability journey towards an all-electric and online future has begun. #ForEveryonesSafety

Posted by Volvo Auto India on Friday, April 16, 2021

Volvo Cars has conveyed a powerful message we all not only need to hear but heed and act on—that climate change is not about the distant future, but about today, and is therefore the ultimate safety challenge we all are facing.

Håkan Samuelsson, Chief Executive, Volvo Cars, has said that going by where the world stands today, sustainability is now as important as safety to Volvo Cars. And to show it means business when it talks about the ultimate safety challenge that humankind faces, Volvo Cars has announced the brand will go fully electric by 2030, with 50% revenues targeted at coming from sales of electric vehicles by 2025. Electric vehicles make a huge positive impact in the fight against climate change as emissions are drastically reduced.

Volvo Cars also aims to become completely climate neutral by 2040, by reducing emissions across the entire value chain. Responsible cobalt sourcing is also a priority in the brand’s plans, as cobalt is a vital component in the production of electric car batteries. Clearly, Volvo Cars is determined to get all aspects of sustainable and responsible business right.

Even today, Volvo Cars manufacturing plants are already being powered by over 80% climate-neutral electricity, with European plants running on hydro-electric power since 2008. The brand is also on course to ensuring major suppliers use 100% renewable energy by 2025, in order to ensure a holistic approach to sustainable and responsible business.

Volvo Cars aims to set the highest standards of sustainability in mobility through these initiatives, and the brand has painstakingly mapped this future well in advance.

The Ultimate Safety Test is not just a powerful campaign, but one that encourages others to rise to the challenge as Volvo Cars walks the talk. By doing so. Volvo Cars continues to pioneer safety in the industry, even as the definition of safety expands to new horizons. And the brand aims to change attitudes towards the dangerous issue of climate change.

As a well-established automobile company Volvo Cars is aware of its impact footprint when it comes to the environment. The brand has taken real, meaningful action to embrace the ethos of sustainable and responsible business. With the Ultimate Safety Test, it’s time we all join hands with Volvo Cars’ safety vision for planet Earth, help humanity clear the ultimate safety challenge we face today, and together create a future where climate change is no longer a threat that hangs over our collective heads.

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