Powering Business Transformation With Cloud: An MSME Perspective

Powering Business Transformation With Cloud: An MSME Perspective

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Here’s a look at how India's vibrant micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are taking full advantage of Dell's cloud technology solutions to transform their operations and gain a competitive advantage.

In the digitally connected world of business, cloud computing offers immense advantages to companies when it comes to improving productivity and providing a platform to grow. Over the past few years, cloud has moved from being an area where only large enterprises play.

Given the very nature of cloud computing, and with the growth of hybrid cloud, several smart MSMEs are leveraging cloud technologies to build competitive advantage within the niche areas they operate in. At the forefront of this trend is Dell, which offers a unique set of cloud computing solutions designed for MSMEs.

Dell’s support for MSMEs with its class-leading cloud solutions can be seen through a few grassroots-level examples. The company enables smart usage of cloud by MSMEs across business types—whether it’s a factory managing procurement online, a retailer using a cloud-based POS, or an agro-business leveraging it for enhanced production. Let’s explore two such examples of mid-sized companies that have transformed their operations with cloud technologies and support from Dell.

Milking The Cloud

One of the most respected dairy farms in western India, Chitale Dairy drives its dairy production with Dell’s VMware virtualisation and cloud supporting 50,000 farmers and 2,00,000 cows under its purview. Each cow is connected using an RFID tag. Dell’s cloud system is used to capture, store and share data related to each cow with farmers via the internet and SMS. This enables the dairy to monitor the different aspects of cows, vital for milk yields and take quick remedial action whenever required.

Chitale Dairy monitors animal health and habits using Internet of Things sensors and keeps a tab on their daily milk yield with the help of a high-speed, high-availability network. The dairy helps farmers keep their precious livestock healthy and productive with the help of cloud-powered big data analytics, automated to-do lists, and IT-enabled breeding management. Thus, Chitale Dairy has transformed its farm-to-fridge milk chain and ensured a higher yield for farmers by employing the world-leading virtualisation and cloud technology from Dell.

Cloud For Enhanced Service Delivery, Improved TCO

IIHT Cloud Solutions, a subsidiary of IT education provider IIHT Ltd., faced difficulties in meeting its growing functional and operational demands as a Learning-as-a-Service solutions provider. It needed a cloud platform to help it improve its service delivery capabilities and decrease operational costs while keeping IT budgets under control. Dell helped the institute implement a unique cloud solution by combining its server, networking and storage technologies.

IIHT offers multiple courses at its 200 training centres in India, and outsourced e-learning programmes to enterprise customers from 19 countries. It faced difficulties in keeping pace with the latest software and needed cloud infrastructure to meet rising market demand. It also wanted to cope with a nearly 65 percent annual increase in its student-base while keeping costs associated with IT training delivery under check. The institute wanted to ensure it retained its leading position in the Learning as-a-Service solutions space.

Dell’s cloud solution ensured a number of benefits. For starters, Dell simplified network complexity by 90 percent, helping IIHT to significantly achieve expansion of its curricula, delivered an enhanced pricing model and helped IIHT raise its service delivery level to match global standards and demands.

The new, optimised cloud infrastructure also helped the firm reduce its energy consumption by 45 percent. Most importantly, with a 40 percent reduction in total cost of ownership, IIHT could now offer flexible pricing models to its prospective students— consequently attracting more business.

As can be seen through these mid-market examples, smart MSMEs can easily leverage Dell’s cloud technology solutions not only to optimize their processes and operating costs but also create new opportunities for business expansion and growth.

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