Get Cashless Confidence Plus Cashback With Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card

Get Cashless Confidence Plus Cashback With Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card

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Contactless cards are fast becoming the preferred choice of the customers for face-to-face transactions. Contactless cards are embedded with secure Near Field Communications (NFC) technology which enables no-touch instant cashless payments and are also convenient and secure.

RBI recently announced an increase in the contactless transaction limit to Rs 5,000 from the earlier Rs 2,000 per transaction. Now, tap to pay with your Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card without the need to enter your PIN for transactions up to Rs 5,000.

Contactless is rewarding

SBI Card is now making contactless payments even more attractive, through a co-marketing campaign along with Visa. Along with the enhanced customer convenience because of the limit increase, SBI Card is providing an added incentive to encourage contactless payments by offering Rs 75 cashback on contactless transactions for first-time users. During the 30-day campaign period, first-time contactless users can avail Rs 75 cashback on a contactless transaction worth Rs 750 or above when they make their first face-to-face payment using their Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card.

This offer is valid till 25th March 2021. T&C

The increase in limit for contactless payments also opens new categories (such as apparel, electronics, and dining) where customers can safely transact using their Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card.

The campaign film from SBI Card and Visa focuses on the enhanced customer convenience and simplicity of making contactless payments. We see a mother buying treats for her child and his friends using Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card, celebrating her newfound cashless confidence.

Contactless cards are secure

Here's why contactless transactions are increasingly preferred by customers and merchants across India. Contactless payments are fast, secure, and convenient to use. They simply need a tap over the payment terminal (POS machine on which cards are swiped at a store). This ensures that the payment process is much faster, and you also don’t need to touch the card machine with your fingers to key in the PIN.

There are also other security features built in. The card must be held very close to the terminal (within 4 centimetres) or else the transaction will not be processed. And each transaction is encrypted to keep your card information secure. You can tap the card yourself over the card terminal. If the card is tapped twice, there is no danger of two transactions occurring accidentally – as the card terminals are designed to allow only one transaction per card at a time. You also do not have to worry about money getting accidentally deducted when you are near a contactless terminal, as the cashier has to key in the amount in the terminal to activate the reader before the card can be tapped.

In fact, contactless transactions are just as secure as chip based transactions, as they are processed through the same reliable payment network. And, because you remain in control of your card during contactless transactions, the risk of fraud is reduced.

If you are not a SBI Card Customer yet, you can apply now and gain from the Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card cashback offer—there are a wide variety of cards for needs of every customer.

To activate contactless transactions, existing SBI Card Customers can visit the SBI Card Website / App

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