Better Safe Than Sorry: When Your Corporate Health Plan Falls Short
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Better Safe Than Sorry: When Your Corporate Health Plan Falls Short

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No one can ever predict with an absolute guarantee about what will happen next. Life has an uncanny way of presenting surprises, both – pleasant and unpleasant. What you can do is stay prepared, and this is where insurance has you covered.

Insurance is a safety parachute that helps you deal with life’s uncertainties. Now, a lot of us depend solely on the corporate health plans that our employers cover us under and majority dip into retirement savings for any unforeseen medical expenses. However, over time, as your needs change and healthcare becomes more expensive, the insurance plan that seemed ‘enough’ when you signed it, might prove to be inadequate.

Given that a regular corporate health policy offers coverage up to only a certain sum insured, there’s a good chance you might end up exhausting your limit early on. What do you do to safeguard your long term financial goals and enjoy easy access to quality healthcare? Buying a new health plan or getting your insurer to increase the cover of your existing plan will prove to be expensive. That’s why you should go for a Super Top Up health insurance plan which is relatively a value for money option. It sits on top of your existing insurance as an extension to your health cover. You get an added shield and you don’t even have to pay too much.

What Are Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans?

A Super Top Up health plan, as the name suggests, ‘tops up’ your existing health insurance plan by upgrading your cover amount to a higher one and kicks in when your existing cover has been exhausted. In other words, it’s a health insurance plan that gives you additional coverage over and above your existing policy.

In the event you’re hospitalised and have exhausted your health insurance plan, the top-up plan will come into effect. You can buy a Super Top Up health plan to supplement your independent mediclaim policy as well as your corporate health policy. Even if you don’t have a health insurance policy and believe that you have financial backing that can cover the first few lakhs of your hospitalisation, you can still buy a super top up plan keeping in mind the soaring healthcare costs.

How Does It Work?

At the time of buying a Super Top Up plan, you have to specify a threshold limit, up to which this plan will not be covering you. This limit is also known as deductible. This is usually the amount your existing health insurance policy covers you for. In case your hospitalisation bill amount is more than the deductible, the Super Top Up plan comes into effect. This way, you don’t have to dip into your savings.

Given that the cover offered by a Super Top Up plan is less than that of a policy that starts from the ground up, it’s cheaper. Therefore, a Super Top Up plan is a cost-effective way to upgrade your health insurance cover.

Which Super Top Up Plan Should You Invest In?

Given how expensive quality healthcare is, it makes perfect sense for you to buy a Super Top Up health protection over and above your existing health insurance plan. But the question is - which one should you invest in? ManipalCigna has you covered with their newly launched Super Top Up plan.

ManipalCigna Super Top Up provides you and your family a wide range of sum insured ranging between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 30 lakhs at extremely pocket-friendly rates.

Along with standard features like cumulative bonus, cover for both AYUSH and allopathic in-patient, day care treatments and non-medical expenses incurred during a hospitalisation stay, ManipalCigna Super Top Up comes with some great additional features. One of them is the guaranteed continuity benefit on deductible. This is a new feature based on the premise that your existing cover might not always be there for you in the future. There’s a possibility you quit your job and start out on your own because of which you lose out on your corporate policy or your old plan is no longer giving you value for money. Here’s where a smart option of guaranteed continuity on deductible benefit will help you. If selected, from 5th policy year onward, you will have a choice to opt for a separate base policy (available with ManipalCigna), with guaranteed continuity on waiting periods. No fresh risk assessment shall be done for sum insured up to the deductible amount opted under ManipalCigna Super Top Up. Coverage under existing top up policy will continue subject to renewal. (Waiting periods here means initial waiting period, specific illness waiting period and pre-existing disease waiting period of base policy.) Simply put, if you have to forego your base policy at some point in time for whatever reason, this feature has you covered.

Another key feature of ManipalCigna Super Top Up is that it places absolutely no condition on the type of room you’re eligible to claim for. This plan maintains the continuity of your base policy, which is a huge advantage that ensures you experience no hassles either mid-hospitalisation or during the claims process.

All in all, a Super Top Up health insurance plan ensures that you’re better prepared to deal with health emergencies. So upgrade your existing policy with ManipalCigna Super Top Up and live a healthier, happier life.

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