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Should You Subscribe To HDFC AMC? #AskBQ

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In today’s episode, Ashish Kelkar, chief executive officer and master trainer at Kiran Jadhav & Associates, and Ashish Kukreja, managing director at Craft wealth Management, share their views on Kotak Mahindra Bank, Sterlite Tech, ICICI Prudential Life and HDFC, among others.

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Edited excerpts from the conversation:

Neetesh Dohare: I currently hold 140 shares of Kotak Mahindra Bank at Rs 1,385 per share. At what point will the stock bottom out so that I can increase my position? Any long-term views with respect to asset and NPA provisioning?

Ashish Kukreja: The stretched valuations of the stock have always been justified. With a long-term perspective, one should hold on to the stock. SBI and ICICI are good investment calls with a two-year perspective.

Sanjay Dongre: I am currently holding 60 shares of Abbott India which have, in over 10 years, have given me a compounded annual growth rate of over 15 percent on the capital employed. And in revenue, CAGR grew by over 10 percent. Please advise.

Ashish Kukreja: I think one should continue with the stock.

Srinivas Rao: Could you please provide a mid-term view on Firstsource? What is the entry level?

Ashish Kelkar: I would suggest one to enter the stock at levels above Rs 76 for Firstsource solutions.

Ayush Jain: I bought 1,000 shares of Havells India at Rs 560 apiece with a short-term perspective. Should I hold or book profits?

Ashish Kelkar: The stock looks good. One can buy the shares at current levels. I would recommend one to keep a stop-loss of Rs 605 and hold on to the stock or make fresh entries.

Rashi: What is your long-term perspective on South Indian Bank?

Ashish Kukreja: I would recommend one to enter the stock at the current level.

Ankit Mishra: I own 500 shares of RBL Bank at Rs 515 apiece with a short-term view. Should I hold or sell?

Ashish Kelkar: I expect the stock to go up. I would recommend one to hold on to the stock and to keep a stop-loss of Rs 555 on a closing basis.

Venkatesh: Bewteen Bajaj Auto and Hero MotoCorp, which is a better choice with a long-term perspective?

Ashish Kukreja: I would suggest one to enter Bajaj Auto after correcting 5-10 percent.

Navin Sukhadia: Why is JSW Steel sinking despite good earnings? What is your medium-term view and target on this stock?

Ashish Kukreja: The global trade war is worrying. I would rather suggest one to invest in JSPL (Jindal Steel and Power) with a long-term perspective.

Suresh: Is it a good idea to go short for Hero MotoCorp for intra-day at Rs 3,150 levels. What is your view?

Ashish Kerlkar: Keep a stop-loss of Rs 3,160 and hold on to the stock.

Sourav Kumar: I need a view on GNA Axles. I have a holding period of one year.

Ashish Kelkar: The stock looks good. With a short-term view, I would suggest one to exit the stock at Rs 450-level.

Alex: What is your short-term view on JK Lakshmi Cement? I bought the shares at an average price of Rs 421 apiece. Should I hold, average or exit?

Ashish Kelkar: I would recommend one to hold on to the stock. Keep a stop-loss of Rs 322. The target would be Rs 357 if the stock surpasses the Rs 330-level.

Srividya: What is your fundamental view on Pokarna with a time period of one-two years. Is it a good time to enter the stock?

Ashish Kelkar: I expect a further fall in this stock. I would not recommend to make a fresh buy. If one is currently holding the stock, I would recommend to keep a stop-loss of Rs 152.5 on a closing basis.

Siva Kumar: What is your long-term view on ICICI Prudential Life? Will it go to the Rs 500-level by the end of the year?

Ashish Kukreja: I think this will perform consistently for a short-term. However, with a long-term view, I would rather suggest one to invest in SBI Life.

Naveen Sukhadia: What are the near-term targets and fundamental aspects of Colgate?

Ashish Kukreja: I would prefer to invest in Jubilant Food Works, Asian Paints, ITC along with this stock.

Alex: The HDFC AMC initial public offering has been oversubscribed. Would you recommend one to subscribe or enter the stock after its listing?

Ashish Kukreja: One can subscribe right now. The valuations seem stretched but one can take a call in the long-term period. There is not much competition in this sector.

Alex: Should I buy Sterlite Tech or not?

Ashish Kelkar: I would suggest one to buy the stock with a stop-loss of Rs 325.

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