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Which Is The Best Metal Stock?#AskBQ

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In today’s episode, Brijesh Singh, senior technical analyst, StockAxis, and Sandeep Jain. director, Tradeswift Broking, share their views on cement stocks, Vedanta, BEL, and metal stocks viable for investment.

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Edited excerpts from the conversation:

Nikhil Gande: I bought shares of Voltas at Rs 610 apiece. With the first quarter result coming up, should I add more shares?

Brijesh Singh: I would recommend one to start accumulating below the Rs 540 level, with a stop-loss of Rs 510. Hold on to the stock.

Shaurya Bajaj: I bought shares of Asian Paints at its high. What should I do?

Brijesh Singh: I would recommend one to hold on till the stock touches a stop-loss of Rs 1,410.

Ravi Shankar: Can I buy Apar Industries at the current level? I need a six-month view.

Brijesh Singh: For a short-to-medium-term time frame, one can look to accumulate the stock with a stop-loss of Rs 495.

Shailesh: What is your view on TCS Ltd. ? What levels can we expect by the end of expiry on Aug. 30.

Brijesh Singh: If the stock reaches Rs 1,910 level, one can buy the shares with a stop-loss of Rs 1,875.

Sujata: I currently have 12,350 shares of Ashok Leyland at Rs 140 apiece. What is your technical view on this?

Brijesh Singh: I would recommend one to accumulate below the Rs 150 level. The stock looks bullish. Hold on to the stock with a stop-loss of Rs 105.

Siva Kumar: I need a long-term view on L&T Finance Holding.

Sandeep Jain: I would recommend one to hold on to the stock and it can be bought in declines.

Gopi Gopal: The cement stocks are turning around. With the Finance Minister positive about bringing down the GST on cement products, is it a good time to enter Heidelberg cement ? Any rational targets?

Sandeep Jain: I would instead recommend one to invest in larger cement stocks like Ultratech Cement and Prism Johnson. Star Cement, too, is a good stock. The cement sector seems bullish.

Adwait Vaidya: I bought shares of Yes Bank at Rs 349 apiece. Should I hold, sell or book profits?

Brijesh Singh: I would recommend one to book partial profits right now with a trailing stop-loss of Rs 350.

Ashok Rajpurohit: I need a view on Ashok Leyland with a long-term view.

Sandeep Jain: I would recommend one to hold on to the stock and those looking to enter the stock can do so at the current level.

Debarpan Sarkar: With a fresh entry and a one-year outlook, I would like your view on Oberoi Realty.

Brijesh Singh: I would recommend one to enter the stock at Rs 450 level with a stop-loss of Rs 420. The current level is not viable to enter the stock.

Sandeep Jain: One should buy the stock once it declines. One should hold on to the stock, and those looking for a long-term view should enter the stock between Rs 425 and Rs 450.

Vivek Kanujia: I need a three-year view on Uflex and Time TechnoPlast.

Sandeep Jain: I would recommend one to wait for a while before entering the stock.

Parth Soni: I want a technical view on Coal India.

Brijesh Singh: With a stop-loss of Rs 260, one can take a buy call at levels below Rs 270.

Tushar Tiwari: Has Reliance Industries been overvalued?

Sandeep Jain: The stock is not overvalued and, is in fact, a good stock. Reiance Jio and Retail are good emerging segments. One should buy the shares on declines.

Rahul Nayak: Among aluminium, iron ore, steel and copper, which one should I go with?

Sandeep Jain: These are cyclical commodities. Hindalco is a good stock. MOIL, too, is a great stock to enter. Vedanta is a good bet with a long-term view.

Harsha Vardhan: What would your advice be on Andhra Sugar?

Brijesh Singh: With Rs 350 as your stop-loss, one can enter the stock. Look for the target of Rs 425.

Lakshmi Kumar: I bought shares of Bharat Electronics Ltd. at Rs 143 apiece. What should I do?

Sandeep Jain: I would recommend one to hold on to the stock. Whenever there is a correction, one can average the shares.

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