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Looking For Long-Term Stock Ideas? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equity market.

In today’s episode, Sameet Chavan, chief analyst of technical and derivatives at Angel Broking, and Astha Jain, senior research analyst at Hem Securities Ltd., share their views on Tata Motors, Bajaj Finance and ONGC, among others.

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Edited excerpts from the conversation.

Gobind Vijay: I need a fundamental view on Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. Can I buy the stock at current levels with a long-term perspective?

Astha Jain: One can hold on to the stock. The company has a strong financial performance and one should hold.

Nitesh Johare: I need a fundamental view on Asian Paints and Berger Paints. Which of these two would be a good bet in the next two-three years?

Astha Jain: The paints sector stocks are rallying. One should hold on to the Asian Paints stock at current levels.

Siva Kumar: I need a short-term view on ICICI Prudential Life. What could be the next resistance level for this stock?

Sameet Chavan: The stock has broken all its near-term resistance. One should watch out for the levels between Rs 420 and Rs 422.

Vivek Kanojia: I own 100 shares of Sintex Plastic at Rs 65.77 apiece. With a long-term perspective of three years, what should I do?

Astha Jain: I would recommend one to book losses in this stock and sell. The financial performance and the debt of the company does not look good.

Sandeep Patil: I have bought 100 shares of Jubilant Foodworks at Rs 1,455 for intra-day period. What should I do?

Sameet Chavan: In case of any bounce-back from current levels to Rs 1,450-1,460, I would recommend one to exit the stock.

Ananta Venkatakrishnan: If I have Rs 3 lakh, where should I invest: Bajaj Finance, Bajaj Finserv or Bandhan Bank?

Astha Jain: The Bajaj stocks are trading at their 52-week highs. I would suggest one to wait for a while and then enter the stock. I would suggest one to buy the Bajaj Finance shares worth 10-20 percent of the portfolio amount they have decided. Wait for the correct time to enter the stock and start accumulating right now.

Naveen Agarwal: What should be my target if I want to exit from Reliance Capital?

Sameet Chavan: I would suggest one to watch out for the Rs 400-405 levels.

Sachin: I need a long-term view on La Opala for five years.

Astha Jain: I would recommend one to hold on to the stock. Wait for the earnings for this quarter and then take a call.

P S Krishnan: Can I buy ONGC, TVS Motor and India Cements with a one-month perspective?

Sameet Chavan: I would suggest one to invest in GAIL instead of ONGC with a one-month view. TVS Motor has seen corrections, so I would suggest one to stay away. I would also recommend one to buy India Cements at the current level.

Srividya: I bought Fortis Healthcare at Rs 182 apiece, Dr. Reddy’s at Rs 3,140 apiece and JB Chemicals at Rs 385 apiece. I am incurring a loss with these. Should I hold or sell?

Astha Jain: I would recommend one to exit the Fortis Healthcare as well as Dr. Reddy’s. I would suggest one invest in the FMCG and IT stocks. One can invest in Mastek, Nestle India, and Hindustan Unilever.

Praneet Kumar: I have bought 1,500 shares of BHEL at Rs 75 apiece for intra-day trade. What should be my target?

Sameet Chavan: Ideally, one should have booked at around Rs 77.5, which was a near-term intra-day resistance level. I would recommend one to hold on to the stock with a stop-loss of Rs 73.

Harsh Kumar: Could you make two fundamental recommendations for the mid-cap stocks? I am looking for a fresh investment of Rs 1-2 lakh with a time period of two-three years.

Astha Jain: I would recommend one to consider Balaji Amines and Sterlite Technologies for investments in mid-cap stocks. I am bullish on large-cap stocks and would recommend investing in HUL, HDFC Bank and TCS.

Parveen Gulati: I currently hold shares of Tata Motors at Rs 305 apiece, Punjab National Bank at Rs 92 apiece and Lupin at Rs 1,032 apiece. Should I hold on to these stocks until Sept. 23?

Sameet Chavan: These stocks have been underperforming. I would recommend one to hold on to the stocks but one should raise the time one intends to hold it for.

Sujata Naik: I bought 12,350 shares of Ashok Leyland for Rs 140 apiece. What should I do?

Astha Jain: I would suggest one to hold on to the stock.

Sameet Chavan: I would suggest one to keep a stop-loss of Rs 105. If the stock gives a bounce-back towards the Rs 120-level, one can consider exiting it.

Jatin Patel: I currently have 181 shares of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals at Rs 607 apiece. I can hold on to the stock for 6-12 months. Should I hold or book losses?

Sameet Chavan: I would recommend one to hold on the stock and keep a stop-loss of Rs 547.

Krish: At what price can I enter Man Infraconstruction with a six-month horizon?

Sameet Chavan: One can enter the stock if it surpasses the Rs 46-48-level and sustains there. Keep a near-term target of Rs 56-58.

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