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Is It A Good Time To Exit IDBI? #AskBQ

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In today’s episode, Ashish Kelkar, chief executive officer and master trainer, Kiran Jadhav & Associates, and G Chokkalingam, founder and managing director, Equinomics Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd., share their views on IDBI, Bharat Financial, Kotak Mahindra, and Vedanta.

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Anant Gupta: I have 5,200 share of Kesar Petroproducts at Rs 34 each. What should I do?

G Chokkalingam: I would recommend to hold on to the stock. Average it down if the costs are too high.

Navneet Saluja Dsouza: Kotak Mahindra has exceeded estimates and profits. Should one invest?

G Chokkalingam: It is a great stock but valuations are stretched. So, I would recommend one to buy only if it declines.

Rohit Nirale: Could you please suggest on Bharat Financial in light of its merger with IndusInd Bank in the next three months? I am looking at a one-year time period.

Ashish Kelkar: If a three-month view is considered, I think one should make fresh entry into the stock only when the price goes above Rs 1,180. For those who already own shares of the stock, I would suggest them to hold on to the stock.

G Chokkalingam: With a one-year view, I would recommend one to start selling the stocks if the price goes up.

Vivek Kanojia: Yesterday, I added 120 shares to my Ashok Leyland stock at Rs 112.60 apiece. If I want to add more, is there any downside to this, with a 10-year time frame?

G Chokkalingam: I would recommend one to not rush into anything, Hold on to the stock and watch for the movements.

Nitesh: I own 300 shares of VIP Industries at Rs 400 per share. What is the view with a time period of two-three years?

G Chokkalingam: I would suggest one to start selling the stock as it starts to gain. Exit once the stock moves up by over five percent.

Navneet Saluja Dsouza: What is your view on Sheela Foam?

G Chokkalingam: If there is a 5-10 percent upside, I would sell it.

Abhinav Choudhary: My father bought IDBI shares in 2000. However, there has been no growth till date. Please tell me what to do?

G Chokkalingam: There is ideally no point in holding to the stock without profits. However, with the LIC merger coming up, and the time period they have been invested in this, one can continue to hold on to the stock for future growth prospects.

Narendra Mahajan: I need a view on NBCC India Ltd.

Ashish Kelkar: This is a good opportunity to exit the stock at the current levels. I would recommend one to sell.

Saran Gupta: I would like a fundamental and technical view on Mphasis for a medium-term period of three months.

Ashish Kelkar: The overall chart structure is good. The current levels offer a good opportunity for those interested in buying this stock with a stop-loss of Rs 1,110. The Rs 1,220 level is the first target and is an important level. The next important level would be Rs 1,288.

G Chokkalkingam: From a fundamental view, I would recommend against buying this stock. It is a risk.

Ramanuj Zawar: I own 100 shares of Muthoot Finance at Rs 398 apiece. What are your views?

G Chokkalingam: There is scope for significant appreciation in the long-term and I would recommend one to hold on to the stock.

Ayush Jain: I have bought 2,000 shares of Tata Steel at an average rate of Rs 590 apiece with a long term view. What should I do?

G Chokkalingam: One can continue to hold on to the stock but I would recommend against making fresh entries.

Sudhir Mishra: I have 1,000 shares of Jamna Auto at Rs 92 apiece. What is the long-term view?

G Chokkalingam: The valuation for the stock seems stretched and there might not be much profits in the short and medium-term levels.

Ashish Kelkar: The long-term performance of the stock seems good. One can average at Rs 77.

Rangarajan Balakrishnan : Is it a good time to buy Cummins India Ltd at the current levels, with a time horizon of three months? Could you also share support and resistance price for this counter?

Ashish Kelkar: The support level for this stock is at Rs 620. Another important level to watch out for this stock is at Rs 652.

Bharat Bhushan: I have bought 40,000 shares of NBCC at an average rate of Rs. 105 apiece for long term. Should I hold, average or exit the stock?

G Chokkalingam: This is a good stock and one can either continue to hold on to the stocks or average at the current levels.

Jayesh: I own 1,000 shares of Vedanta which I acquired at Rs 350 apiece. Can I continue to hold it for a year?

G Chokkalingam: I would recommend one to monitor the stock. If the trade war escalates, one can exit. In my opinion, one should not average at the current levels.

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