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Want To Start An SIP? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equity market.

In today’s episode, Parthiv Shah, director, TRACOM Stock Brokers, shares his views on Venky’s India, Cadila Healthcare, Vedanta, the best stocks with which to start a systematic investment plan, and investing in the metal industry, among others.

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Here are edited excerpts from the conversation:

Nikhil Gandhe: I am looking for a short-term view on Cadila Healthcare I bought at Rs 380, and MCX at Rs 810.

Parthiv Shah: The current entry point for Cadila is good, and it is a great long-term investment. Hold on to the stocks.

For MCX, there has been no revival in its market growth. I would not suggest a buy on MCX right now, neither short-term nor long-term.

M Kumar: I hold 4,000 shares of Future Consumer at Rs 59. What is your view?

Parthiv Shah: This company is extremely expensive. I would recommend one to focus on FMCG companies where the cash-flow run rate is flowing, instead of Future Consumer.

Deep Joshi: I have 100 shares of Vedanta at Rs 247, and 200 shares of Hindalco at Rs 231. I need a view on this.

Parthiv Shah: Vedanta looks good and is a good stock to hold on. The metal industries are currently in the correction process and the prices are holding high.

Neetesh Dohare: Should I increase position in Maruti Suzuki, HDFC Bank or Pidilite Industries for long term?

Parthiv Shah: These are some excellent stocks. I would divide the money into all the three. But, I would recommend one invests in Pidilite. It is a good brand and looks healthy to park the additional money.

Saurabh Pathak: Which among BEL, Capital First, Federal Bank, LIC Housing, NBCC, Tata Motors, UPL, and Va Tech Wabag is a good long-term investment?

Parthiv Shah: Investors need to be careful with VA Tech Wabag. Of the other companies, Capital First looks interesting after the corrections and has a good track record. The merger with IDFC bank will create a long-term value for the company. UPL has massively corrected. One should hold on to it at current levels with a long-term view.

Radhakrishna Badmi: I need a view on Varroc Engineering Ltd. Should I hold or exit?

Parthiv Shah: With a long-term view, this is a quality company in terms of management and their outreach. I would suggest one to hold on to the stocks.

Sujata Naik: I am holding 12,350 shares of Ashok Leyland at Rs 140. I am incurring a loss and would like your fundamental view. Also, do i qualify for the dividend payout?

Parthiv Shah: I would suggest one to hold on to the stocks for at least a year and a half.

Ankit Mishra: I have bought 1,000 shares of MGL at an average rate of Rs 1,005 for long term. What should I do?

Parthiv Shah: Hold on to the stock and wait for the earnings.

Alex: Here’s someone looking for a long-term view on NCC with 300 shares at Rs 101 each at the time of investing.

Parthiv Shah: I think one should sell, given elections are coming up, these infrastructure realms are risky.

Shaurya Bajaj: I would like to get a long or short term view on Rural Electrification Corp?

Parthiv Shah: One should not select these companies based on yields. Private sector companies like Capital First and L&T Fin Holdings are doing much better and are a safer bet.

Omkar Nimbalkar: I bought Venky’s India at Rs 2,530. Should I wait or cover up my loss?

Parthiv Shah: I think one should wait till the first quarter results. Exit if the numbers do not match the fundamentals.

Ujjwal Kumar: Can I average UPL at current levels or is some more downside expected? Kindly suggest a stock that is fundamentally good or shall I book my losses. My buy price is Rs 790.

Parthiv Shah: The stock has corrected well. The stock seems bullish in the long term. One could start buying the stock for the short term.

Rishabh Tiwari: I have bought 40,000 shares of NBCC at an average rate of Rs 105 for long term. What should I do?

Parthiv Shah: One should wait and see the results of the next two quarters, wait for at least six months and then make a decision. Till then, hold on to the stocks.

Siva Kumar: ​I am planning to start my SIPs. Please suggest a good stock for long-term investment?

Parthiv Shah: Nestle is a good stock for SIP investment and with their plans for the Indian markets it is a good bet. Accumulate such stocks every month and these can be bought in a good quantity.

Karthik Sankaranarayanan: I have bought Shakti Pumps at Rs 400. What should I do?

Parthiv Shah: I would suggest one to wait for the earnings, figures and announcements from the sector concerned. Make a decision based on these figures.

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