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Looking For Value Picks In FMCG, Pharma And IT? #AskBQ

#AskBQ is BloombergQuint’s daily offering where market experts help investors make the right investment decisions in the equity market.

In today’s episode, Brijesh Singh, senior technical analyst at StockAxis, and Sandeep Jain, director at Tradeswift Broking, shared their views on Firstsource Solutions Ltd., Bajaj Finserve Ltd. and investing in mid-cap fast-moving consumer goods and information technology stocks, among others.

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Edited excerpts from the conversation:

Gobind Vijay: Is it a good time to enter Graphite India or HEG at current levels? Did I miss the rally?

Brijesh Singh: For a very short-term time frame, one can definitely go for Graphite India with a stop-loss of Rs 900.

For HEG, at the current levels, one should hold the stock for a year with a stop-loss of Rs 3,650. The current levels look good to make a buy call.

Salil Dhawan: I have 1,126 shares of Bajaj Finance at Rs 471.62 apiece. I want to keep adding every month for long term. Is it a good strategy?

Sandeep Jain: It is a good option to buy this stock in systematic investment plans. You can also invest in other sectors like fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, two-wheeler automobile sector and IT. You can explore SIPs in ITC, too. This is a very good strategy.

Saurabh Pathak: I am currently holding 500 shares of Yes Bank at Rs 330. What is your technical view on it with a short-term view of three-months?

Brijesh Singh: In my opinion, one should hold on to the stock at current levels since this has been doing well for a while now.

Deep Mukherjee: I am holding shares of Control Print Ltd. at Rs 422, KRBL at Rs 450, and Jagran Prakashan at Rs 180. Please advice on what I can do? I am looking for a long-term view.

Sandeep Jain: Hold on to the Jagran Prakashan stock. One can also look at the DB Corp stock, which has a good risk-reward ratio. Control Print is doing well and one should hold on to it. However, I would recommend exiting KRBL.

Shiva Kumar: Please suggest five mid-cap stocks which have good fundamentals and are capable of growing into a multi-bagger in the future.

Sandeep Jain: From the IT sector, I would recommend one should buy Firstsource with an entry level between Rs 55 and Rs 70. RCF is a good stock to buy too, given elections are coming up.

For large caps, I would recommend ITC. In the FMCG sector, Bajaj Corp looks good in the mid-cap stock. In the pharmaceuticals sector, Suven Life is a good stock to buy. FDCL is a good stock to buy at the current levels.

Ram Hegde: What is your take on M&M August Futures? I have purchased it at Rs 934. Also, what is your take on TCS?

Brijesh Singh: For a very short-term time frame on M&M, I would suggest Rs 905-908 as a stop-loss for buying its stocks. I think one should hold on to the stock.

As for TCS, it should not break the Rs 1,885-level. For a very short-term, keep a stop-loss of Rs 1,865.

Bharat Bhushan: I bought 1,000 shares of VA Tech Wabag at an average rate of Rs 530. It’s down almost 60 percent to Rs 380 from its peak of Rs 970 in March 2015. What is the fundamental view?

Sandeep Jain: One should hold on to the stock. Iron Exchange is a good stock to buy, too.

Yogysh Kalbhore: I bought 200 shares of Suven Life at Rs 214 apiece. I can hold it for six months. What should be the target?

Brijesh Singh: I would suggest the investor to hold on to the stock with a stop-loss of Rs 205 since this sector is doing well.

Sandeep Joshi: I need a long-term view on Dalmia Bharat Cement and India Glycols.

Sandeep Jain: I would suggest to hold on to the stock.

Krish: What about Tech Mahindra as an investment?

Sandeep Jain: I would advice a fresh entry in Tech Mahindra at current levels. It is a good bet.

Sandeep: I am currently holding 500 shares of Tamilnadu Petro at Rs 33 with a medium-term view. Should I book loss or hold?

Sandeep Jain: One can hold on to the stock with a target of Rs 45-50. This is also a good time to enter the stock.

Akash Kumar: Which is the best bet among Kotak Mahindra Bank, Federal Bank and RBL Bank with a long-term view?

Sandeep Jain: Kotak Mahindra Bank and RBL Bank are certainly doing very well. I recommend them for long-term investment. I would suggest looking at ICICI Bank as well.

Navneet: What do you suggest regarding stocks like Vakrangee, PC Jewellers and GVK Power?

Sandeep Jain: GVK Power is still a decent bet, but Vakrangee and PC Jewellers are the stocks that the market does not like. There are corporate governance issues in these. So I definitely do not recommend Vakrangee and PC Jewellers. Even in case of GVK Power, investors should exit as soon as possible.

Arvind: Should I buy Shipping Corp. at current levels?

Brijesh Singh: With a short-term view, no. I do not recommend investing in it.

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Both Brijesh Singh and Sandeep Jain might have recommended some of the stocks discussed in the show to their clients.

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