Ashish Chugh of Hiddens Gems speaks during Aplha Ideas 20-20 meet in Mumbai, India. (Source: BloombergQuint)

Alpha Ideas 20-20: Ashish Chugh Says Investors Can Benefit From Mispriced Stocks

Investors can get multibagger returns by identifying mispriced stocks.

That’s the word coming in from Ashish Chugh, the founder of Hidden Gems Advisory. “When a company that’s totally out of favour, not tracked by anyone, and surrounded by concerns about the business itself, suddenly starts performing, that’s when you get multibagger returns,” Chugh said at the Alpha Ideas 20-20 conference in Mumbai.

Biggest profits come when an ugly duckling becomes a swan.
Ashish Chugh, Founder, Hidden Gems Advisory

In stocks which are not doing well, people generally exaggerate the risks and ignore the possibilities, leading to mispricing, Chugh added.

Watch the detailed presentation by Ashish Chugh: