Cows with identification tags attached to their ears poke their heads through a fence in a barn at a dairy farm. (Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg)

Indians Consume More Dairy Than Ever Before

Indians love milk and dairy products, and now there is proof.

According to Bloomberg data, India is all set to overtake Europe as the world’s largest consumer of milk and dairy products.

Indians consumed 26.07 percent of the global milk and dairy products produced in 2016. That is just 0.17 percent lower than the total consumption in Europe and much higher than in America, which is third on the list.

And it’s not just consumption. India is also expected to overtake the European Union as the world's largest milk and dairy producer by 2020, according to international research firm IMARC.

Not surprisingly some dairy stocks like Heritage Foods Ltd., Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. and Parag Milk Foods Ltd. are amongst the top gainers this year.